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Reviews from my Wonderful Clients

"I have been seeing Donna, for weekly one to one yoga sessions, for a number of months. It really is the highlight of my week. A bit of me time! The type of yoga Donna practices is very gentle, fabulous for lowering the arousal in your limbic system and engaging your parasympathetic nervous system. This leads to deep relaxation leaving you feeling calm and grounded. Very good for pain management. I highly recommend yoga with Donna." Helen, Rothwell (Psychotherapist)

“I have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) & had part of my lung removed as I had cancer. I find the yoga has helped so much! I have found my balance has improved quite a bit too and I’m not so dependant on a walking stick any more. My breathing is much better & I would say I am more relaxed. Last but not least I do enjoy it!” Margaret Smith, Rothwell


“......I suffer from chronic spinal pain as a result of 3 wedge vertebral fractures. I have well established osteoporosis throughout my spine and osteoarthritis. Donna is highly trained.... Throughout the session alternatives are given with explanations which never conflict with the flow of the class. It's the first time I've experienced supported spine stretches that are beginning to build the muscles around my spine and increase flexibility…. I'm hopeful for the first time ever that my chronic spinal pain may well be helped…” Georgina Frampton, Corby

“I would happily recommend Donna's chair yoga to anyone that has any mobility issues.

I have arthritis in my foot and am unable to stand for any length of time. I tried normal yoga and it just put too much pressure on my feet and so had been looking for a chair yoga class for a while…..

The classes are great fun and week by week I am steadily progressing with what I can do.” Sally Parley, Rothwell

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