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A Break from The Norm...

I’m very excited about this week’s class. I’m going to teach Tree Pose (Vrkasana) but in a very different way to the ways I’ve ever been taught it or seen it taught.

I get all my ideas while I’m doing my own yoga practice. Which is sometimes annoying, as I jump up every 5 mins or so to scribble something down. (I get my ideas for painting, names of paintings, careers, recipes- yoga truly inspires creativity!)

I want my students to really feel the pose. I’ve not been to a single yoga class in my life, anywhere in the world, where the vast majority of students are not holding their breath to maintain a balance posture. Everything is tight, faces are red fit to bursting, pulsing veins appear around the temples and I’m sure I can hear the odd crack of a- what are those cracking sounds?

Deep Stretch Yoga, this coming Sunday at LPT Gym Kettering, 10am. It will be very grounding- you’ll feel a sense of safety and reassurance that everything is going to be just fine, whatever happens. We'll be embodying The Tree that weathers all storms; that sways with the wind and doesn't break in it. That drinks plenty of water and reaches for the sun ☀️ 🙏 ☀️

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