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The Lines Of My Comfort Zone Are Blurring

Trials and tribulations of a yoga teacher. I’ve been teaching yoga for a grand total of 3 months. I started the Yoga business first because I thought once it’s up and running, I’ll have time to devote to finishing the paintings for the Painting Hire business and then finally, Gold Torus Designs, my Graphic Design business.

Ohhhhh, how wrong I was. Where’s Captain Hindsight when you need him. What an interesting twisting and shifting journey it’s become. I have LOADS of ideas, more than I can keep up with. I’m hiring out 3 rooms all at the same time when I probably should have filled the first room with students, before hiring all the others (they told me! But nooooo, I had to do it my way didn’t I). My classes are becoming more defined- I’m getting a feel for what my regular Yogi’s like and want and I love that they’re telling me this too. Regular feedback is important whether it's positive or negative.

The lines between the various Yoga classes I offer are looking fuzzy. They’re morphing and intertwining with each other. The beginners are transforming into advanced (so proud!) The advanced students want to go back to basics and poor mobility classes are becoming private sessions. The business as a whole is growing and changing somewhat unexpectedly and I’m in very unfamiliar territory. The Deep Stretch Yoga has become the Slow Flow Hatha and the Slow Flow Hatha might soon become Chair Yoga. The Chair Yoga is Online Yoga via zoom and oooooh, I feel a little dizzy I need to sit down.

I’ve upped my game physically by teaching a group of ridiculously fit, flexible and Fabulous Pole Fitness students in Corby (Shout out to LP Pole Fitness in Corby, please do check out their Facebook page for more details. Link is below). Teaching them has prompted me to step out of my comfort zone to teach the more physically and mentally demanding Sun Power class and I’m simply loving it. There was a bit of whining and dragging of the feet to start (flakey artist) but now I’m in the thick of it, and I’m feeling the physical benefits too. Let’s just say I’m stiff and sore but happy ✨

We need to blur the lines in life every now and again I think. We just get too comfortable with our routines and way of life and there’s nothing wrong with that of course. It’s nice to feel settled and comfy, it’s our pay off for doing all the hard work. But it’s my belief that spending too long being comfortable allows complacency. If you want to continue to grow and learn and adapt to the changes happening around you, you must start to break your own rules. Step through the blurry line.

“....Face your fear, challenge it and dance with it…” Kyra Davis

Photo is of Ganesh, Obstacle Remover 🙏

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