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I’m Addicted to Fish

Not actual fish. I’m addicted to the yoga pose, Fish (Matsyasana). I shouldn’t be able to do it you see, it’s a huge contraindication. If anyone attends my class with bulging/eroding discs in their neck trapping nerves I’ll not allow them to do it. But finally, after months of hanging upside down on my inversion board and doing the appropriate warm up exercises I can finally accomplish Fish. I’ve done it 3 times today already (steady Donna, or you’ll have another 4 days in bed out of action).

It started while I was completing my Sun Power Yoga Diploma last year. The course was way too advanced for someone with my various conditions and I accidentally injured myself (about 189 times), taking to bed resting for weeks at a time. I recovered, reset and feeling determined, I launched myself at the class again albeit with caution. And as the months went by I became stronger and more flexible, until the day came where I finally dropped my head back and remained in Fish pose for a full 5 seconds! So liberating.

Matsyasana is a heart opener and stretches the front of your body, your chest, neck and hip flexors. The spine is extended and the neck is curved back which is why it’s so exhilarating for me (I’ve been keeping my chin firmly close to my chest for 4 years, constantly trying to decompress the vertebrae in my neck.) My neck muscles are weak and as a result feel like they’ve shortened. When my head is tipped back it feels like those neglected muscles are stretching for the first time and it feels exhilarating!

Supported Fish Pose (Yin Yoga)

Using blocks and bricks to support your back, head and neck is a gentle and restorative (Yin Yoga) backbend that I’ve begun to introduce to my yoga classes. It’s a lovely introduction to the pose as you can progressively remove the blocks and bolsters, getting a feel for what the pose will be like without the supports.

If you want more information on tailor made private sessions using the inversion board to decompress (separate) your vertebrae, please get in touch. It’s a game-changer I promise you 🙏

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